Recovery Plan

The Minister supporting Greater Christchurch Regeneration approved the Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan on 13 December 2016.

Available downloads:

Ministers statement pdf, 208.8 KB

Waimakariri Residential Red Zone Recovery Plan pdf, 2.1 MB

The next step involves the implementation of the Recovery Plan. This means putting in place the new land uses and activities (such as the new road links, walking and cycling paths, green spaces, business and rural activities). The timeframe for the implementation of the Recovery Plan projects varies. Some projects can be done in the short to medium term (in the first one to five years); others will take longer (out to thirty years).

Before Council can start implementing the Recovery Plan we need to work with the Crown to determine how the regeneration areas will be transferred to Council (and others).  This is called the land divestment process. While this is occurring more detailed planning will be underway.

There will be the need for the community to be involved in the design and planning of the Regeneration Areas, particularly the proposed new green spaces.

The first steps of the implementation will start early next year. These will involve:

We will keep you informed of how we are going, and how you can be involve.