The Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) led a public engagement process called Canvas from July to September 2014. Over 300 people provided their ideas and comments during Canvas for the future use of the red zone land in Kaiapoi, Pines Beach and Kairaki. You can read more in the Canvas Summary Report (released in December 2014).

Here are the comments that were received during Canvas:


Recreation areas linking to river at Kaiapoi. Possible exchange of land with Kaiapoi golf club (which could be subdivided)


We need to develop more accessible car parking adjacent to the main shopping centre in Kaiapoi.
The river bank would look great with a park like outlook with trees shrubs and plantings that have picnic areas that cater for large groups.
I endorse suggestions that we need cycle and walkway tracks.
The boat ramp area would benefit in remediation so as to encourage use.
Redevelop residential areas to repopulate red zones with green. At present green zones are isolated.

I would like to see, a good golf course a BMX track, boat ramps a walkway / cycle track established along the side of the river from the main street or there about to the Waimaki river mouth. The golf course would inject significant business to the town from visitors , who would require cafes, shopping opportunities accommodation etc. The river immediately beside the main road bridge should be designed to entice the mooring of vessels that are touring our coast line. A great opportunity here



I would like to see an adventure playgroung simmilar to spencer park and a biking track like mcleans island so you can just go down there to play and exersise.

This sounds like a great idea for our young people and families. After the earthquake we have been left with minimal recreational facilities for our young people and this would benefit the community and wider catchment area.


I support this idea wholeheartedly as this could suit all family members of the community with passive physical pass time close by and probably include a cycle track etc.


Pines / Kairaki Beaches

In the future I would like to see the red zoned land being used for recreational (not residential) activities. It is a wonderful natural resource that many people could enjoy visiting and exploring. I would like to see both walking and cycle tracks. There could be planted sheltered areas and open spaces for picnicing. Some parts could be developed and park like, while others should be allowed to revert to a more natural ecosystem.


Cass street, Kirk Street, convert into a huge lake with tree planting around it.


A market garden, an orchard, a flower garden for the community to utilise
A super playground
A Walking track
A memorial to peoples lives


Rebuilt with retirement houses where ever safe and possible. So many wanted to grow old here. let as many as possible do so. It's so peaceful and the city close when needed.


I would like this land to be a recreational area for freedom camping, picnics, playground and similar type activities.

I live on the edge of the red zone. I would not be keen on freedom campers and transient people using the land. I have small children and think about there safety. I would prefer parks and recreation use rather than people using the land as cheap accommodation. We want visitor to come and spend money in our economy.


Pines / Kairaki Beaches

I would like to see this area as a natural resource for people to relax and enjoy nature in which ever way they chose - with Kaiapoi, Woodend, Rangiora and Pegasus experiencing rapid growth open public space is even more important than before. This is a chance to ensure that this district remains a good place to live. There are a number of groups with great track records and amazing ideas that can only enhance the area

My vision is to retain the existing trees, plant fruit trees and berries for free harvesting , encourage birds through planting corridors of native trees to provide food and shelter. Develop picnic spots and natural play areas for children. Build another BMX track for the children., lets give our children lots of exciting interesting places to play.

The huge pressure of added population has made the roads unsafe for recreational riding of any kind be it horse or bike, create areas for horse riding, mountain biking and walking.


I would love to see a biking track in this area

What about flooding it and making it into a lake for kids to sail in

Love the idea of creating areas for horse riding etc. Birds are certainly returning to our red zone in great numbers so further encouraging them also a great idea.

Great ideas! I would really like biking tracks and areas for horse riding as well.



I would like to see an area allocated for the visiting motor homes, belonging to The New Zealand Motor Home Association, to park up, empty their was and go shopping, etc.


It was a very sad day for us when we had to leave our property at no 7 Blackwell Crescent which we built in the year 1969 and brought up our 2 daughters. To us there are a lot of happy memories on our piece of land so therefore we would love to have a lovely playground so that other children could enjoy it just like ours did.


The Kaiapoi Commons

Fruit and nut trees, berry bushes, herbs, flowers, veggies - not sprayed by council - free food for everyone. Free planting and foraging by public.

No costly Parks Maintenance by council - only simple tracks or grass, with clubs able to build and maintain tracks, facilities that they fund (BMX, skake, bike). No fences; no gates; no fancy carparks: minimal impact on rates.

Due consideration for remaining residents - landscaping/privacy/access.

Retain boat ramp at Ashkeaton Park and maintain road access to this and ample grass/gravel boat-trailer parking. Nothing fancy needed: just functional.

No commercial enterprises and no private facilities.

Reasonable Mobility Scooter access from town centre to Ashkeaton boat ramp through commons.


Ideas from 11 August Community Workshop:

* Lake in flooding areas, feeds into river
* Don’t worry about high fences around the grassed areas - as per Courtenay
* Use local people and groups to get involved in the remediative work
* Urbanisation spread
* Better transport options
* More employment
* Recreational activities in red zones - place of destination
* Live, work, play where we live
* Commercial options
* Anything done in red zone is temporary measure as we feel in 15 years the land will be remediated and built on


made into massive park, trees, including fruit trees so the community can pick the fruit. Paths meandering through the grass and trees, cycleways for passive cycling. Not heapsof buildings just toilet blocks, BBQs, picnic benches. Trees that bring birds.


Shift the golf course onto the red zone in Kaiapoi allowing the golf course land to be built on

Who is going to pay for it???? it would cost millions to do so. Stupid idea!


Recreation area to make the most of the river and to remember those who lived in this area and who survived the big EQ. Period. A space for all to enjoy, reflect and move on!


Ideas from 13 August Community Workshop:

* Beehives
* Dog Park
* Clean up river banks
* New fire station
* Look after the lakes in Courtney Drive
* Redevelop Pointer track/ walk track
* Playgrounds
* BMX track


Theme park
Proper dog park
Tiny mall


Productive, green area - perhaps a motor camp to provide income to upkeep the project and environs and not to be a drain on the Council.

Make use of the rivier - canoeing, fishing etc. to bring people into the Kaiapoi area to spend.

Make a walkway or cycyle track.

Dog walking area or dog park.

Anything positive!

There are many areas for walking dogs in and around Kaiapoi but a dog park would be even better if it had a training area and agility facilities somewhere near the river, maybe not as big as The Groynes but certainly bigger and better than the pathetic one in Rangiora.



Theme park, disney world, movies, bumper cars, castle

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